ASD Consultants

Catherine Hurd
Amy Peeters


Nancy Anderson
Jennifer Johnson
Liz Lee
Wanda Lane
Kim Huether
Karla Nesheim


Sarah Nelson-Swenson

Behavior Consultant

Jim Kath

Early Childhood Consultants

Julie Domino
Tyler Ihmels

Hearing and Vision


Crystal Heldt

Teacher of DHH

Laura Lind

Teacher/Consultant of VI

Louise Flickinger

Occupational Therapy

Joselyn Rhein
Suzanne Rye
Eric Storbakken
Rose Town
Whitney Ulrich

Assistive Technology                                            PH/D & Assistive Technology                          ACC Lead

Lois Malepsy
Kirsten Morton-Aldous (Morty)
Lisa Salo

Physical Therapy

Tessa Capelle
Nicole Pexsa
Cindy Rieck

School Psychology

Cortney Cardini
Jodi Cordes
Heather Davis
Kathleen Kelm
Melissa Osborne
Melissa Osborne
Mike Parry
Kayla Richters
Jessica Rindal
Jessica Rindal
Karla Skwira
Scott Vosper

Transitions Plus

Kati Reynolds