Executive Board

The superintendents of the member districts shall constitute the Executive Board to the Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative.  The executive board shall meet at least four times per year at times and places established by resolution or by-laws of the Executive Board. Notice of meetings shall be consistent with requirements of the Minnesota Open Meeting Law.

Current Executive Board

Dan Stifter (Aitkin)

Heidi Hahn (Brainerd)

Jamie Skjevland (Crosby-Ironton)

Kurt Stumpf (Pequot Lakes)

Mike Malmberg (Pillager)

Jon Clark (Pine River-Backus)

Executive Board Powers
The Executive Board shall act as the administrating board of the Paul Bunyan Education cooperative and is generally empowered to:

  • Administer the affairs of the PBEC under the direction of the Board of Delegates.
  • To appoint (hire) the PBEC Executive Director/Director of Special Education.
  • To adopt an annual budget and approve all disbursements of funds.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Delegates in the matter of policy, programs and such other matters that would enhance the functions of the PBEC.
  • The Executive Board may adopt policy and guidelines for the operation of each of the educational enterprises in which PBEC engages. Policies and guidelines may contain:

Eligibility requirements of its enrollees:

  • The method by which each enterprise is to be administered.
  • The method by which the members’ pro-rate costs are to be determined.
  • The method by which nonmembers are to be assessed for their enrollees participating in one or more of the programs of the PBEC; and the name of the office assigned to the direct supervision of the enterprise.
  • The Executive Board shall establish terms and conditions of employment of all staff subject to the following:

A committee shall be appointed consisting of members of the Executive Board to negotiate terms and conditions of employment with exclusive representatives duly qualified by law; and Final negotiated agreements shall be submitted to the Executive Board for its approval. Executive Board shall have all the functions essential and necessary to the administration of the PBEC including the recruitment, supervision, assignment of all personnel, and the recommendation for employment and termination of licensed personnel.

The Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the fiscal affairs related to the operation of the PBEC and in such capacity shall pay bills, issue all payroll checks and receive all monies for the PBEC.  The Executive Board shall make all reports as are necessary to the state and other agencies and shall file all claims for reimbursement and for state and federal funds.  The Executive Board shall invoice each of the signatory members regularly for its pro-rata share of the operating costs of the PBEC.