The PBEC physical therapists (PT) provide an educational model of service to the 6 member school districts for students Birth-21. When working with students/families in the home setting from Birth to age 2, we use Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) practices. FGRBI is “an approach to early intervention which incorporates developmentally appropriate skill building into daily routines in the child’s natural environment. FGRBI focuses on supporting and coaching the child’s caregivers, building their confidence and competence.” (Juliann Woods)

For students ages 3-21, the physical therapist acts as a related service team member to support those students who have a motor impairment that impact a student’s access to their educational program. The physical therapist assists the team in the evaluation IEP plan development, and program implementation for students. The PT consults with team members to assist with the achievement of adaptations and accommodations in the areas of gross motor development, mobility, positioning, transfers, strength, endurance and range of motion as it relates to accessing their educational program. The PT works closely with the special education case manager, paraprofessional, and DAPE teachers to identify motor activities that are developmentally appropriate and safe for the student and staff.

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